Reg Parsons

Reg Parsons

The appreciation of creation's beauty has been the inspiration for Reg Parsons. Growing up in western Canada, his school notebook margins were filled with sketches of wildlife and horses. The desire to recreate wildlife took him into the art of taxidermy, laying the foundation for his work in bronze. For many years he sculpted mannequins, and reproduced them for the purpose of taxidermy.

The spring of 1997 brought with it a new challenge: to sculpt wildlife, to be cast in bronze. Reg's understanding of nature, and the anatomy of wildlife, is evident in the life that he captures, in each sculpture. Subjects such as the Golden Eagle, North American wildlife, the Western Rodeo Series, the Lab Puppy Series, the impressionist Series of Creation, and his whimsical pieces that bring a smile, demonstrate the versatility of this award-winning artist.

Reg's work is original, and appealing to a wide range of art lovers. It can be found in corporate and private collections around the world and is displayed in fine art galleries throughout western Canada and the United States.

Reg currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. The demand for his sculptures leaves little time for his love of painting, for which he has also received numerous awards. With unlimited talent as a self-taught artist, he looks forward to his next work as being his best. Be it a notebook, a canvas, or a lump of clay, he demands excellence in everything he puts his hand to, and gives credit to God as the source of his giftedness.

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