Tom Lamont

Tom Lamont

Born in 1949 Summerside, Prince Edward Island, the son of an R.C.A.F officer, Tom Lamont traveled across Europe and many parts of Canada at a very young age. Through this experience, he was exposed to a variety of cultures and ideas and it was during this time that he developed his passion for the arts.

Later, Tom worked in Northern British Columbia for the Forest Service in lookout towers. During this time, he was inspired by the beauty of the wilderness around to begin carving. Once he began to carve, his interest became his passion. From Alabaster to Brazilian Soapstone, Tom selects the perfect stone for each sculpture which he carves. It is this balance between material and style which sets Tom apart from most sculptors.

An extremely talented Canadian artist, Tom's collectors come from all corners of the world. From Europe to the U.S., from Asia to Australia, many art collectors are discovering what Canadians have known for years. Tom Lamont is an artist with an eye for detail and his unique ability to transform a simple piece of stone into a form with personality is remarkable.

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