Viatcheslav Tchistiline

Viatcheslav Tchistiline

Viatcheslav Tchistiline (or Slava Tch as he is commonly known in the art world) was born and raised in Russia. After emigrating first to London, Ontario, he is now based in Mississauga, Canada. He was formally educated in Fine Art from the very prestigious Kharkov State University in Ukraine where he also earned his master's degree in Commercial and Industrial Interior Design.

After immigrating to Canada, Viatcheslav formed his pseudonym to encompass his artistic work. As a word Viatcheslav splits in two, Viatche and Slav. Slav means glory. The Tch stands for tone, color and harmony. Taken as a whole the corporate name stands for 'the glory of tone, color and harmony'.

Tch's early works experiment with oil and canvas in the realist style. Travelling through Europe, France, Germany and Holland he explored the style and tradition of Dutch art and was represented in many group and solo exhibitions. During this time he was also involved in monumental murals and teaching endeavors. His early realist pieces are housed in many public and private collections in France and Germany. He also worked in interior and industrial design on large residential and industrial projects.

In Canada, Tch's traditional realist style evolved to become whimsical and harmonious. Experimenting with the ancient encaustic medium, (an art of mixing wax and pigments) and applying them while they are still hot. He creates imaginative dreamscapes.

As a technique the encaustic process dates back to the reign of Julius Cesar. As a medium it offers some profound advantages. It provides a surface with a deep glow that can be reworked at almost any time. It can be painted thinly or used to build up as an impasto. It can also be scratched or etched into to reveal underlying colors.

Tch's landscapes are deserted and filled with the harmonies of warm hot color. In many ways the works are neo primitive with a subtly sophisticated naive sensibility. He creates three dimensional works that glow with a superb sense of light and a certain color field sense of harmonics. In many ways he paints ideal landscapes that express a longing for an ideal state of beauty.

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