Craig Benson

Craig Benson

Craig Benson was born in Vancouver, BC where he fell in love with the marine life and the beauty of the forests that surrounded him. It was this passion for the seacoast and the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest that has shaped his careers and his lifestyle. During the 1970's, and while he was honing his carving skills in the 1980's, Craig worked in various aspects of environmental resource management, gaining extensive field experience along the coast of B.C. and in other wilderness areas. He has been a full-time professional artist since 1990.

Craig practices "release carving", where each stone is chosen intuitively and the subject is released through carving. His intention is to capture the character as well as the physical likeness of the creature, to honor its beauty and its spirit, thus bringing the viewer a closer understanding of the unique connection between nature, people, art and the artist. Craig considers his work a success when the viewer can appreciate the beauty and detailing of the finished artwork, yet still feel drawn to the spirit and energy of the creature itself.

His carving subjects are primarily aquatic wildlife - the sea mammals, the fish and other creatures with which he is intimately familiar, usually those found near his home and studio not far from Victoria, B.C.

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