Aleksandra Savina

Aleksandra Savina

Aleksandra Savina was born and brought up in Kiev, Ukraine. She graduated the Art School and Teachers College in the Department of Art, and went on to work as an art teacher and designer in Kiev.

In 2005, Aleksandra came to Canada and currently resides in Toronto. She was mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes of her new country and home, and these landscapes have become her new source of inspiration. Lovely fall landscape with vibrant colors of red, deep ultramarine blue, purple, lavender, and deep brown are characteristic for Aleksandra's new pieces.

Through her paintings, Aleksandra has explored cubic forms using new achievements of art technology. The technique she uses to apply her paint is very original. It consists of applying the paint in a very structured and geometric fashion. Her color composition is rich, yet subdued, enabling the maturity of this contemporary artist to shine through.

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