Kal Gajoum

Kal Gajoum

Kal Gajoum was born in Tripoli in 1968. His interest in art was sparked at a very early age when he was introduced to oil painting and palette techniques by his friends of the family who were artists in attendance at the Leonardo D'Vinci school of art in Rome.

Kal held his first exhibition in Tripoli in 1983. Between 1986 and 1988 he moved to Paris to learn watercolor techniques and the Parisian style of painting from a private artist, before returning to Tripoli to give an exhibition in 1992.

In 1993 Kal moved to Malta as a professional artist where he spent seven years working for the Royal Fine Art Gallery and also continuing his pursuit of artistic knowledge. During his stay in Malta, Kal exhibited his work many times between 1995-1999 even traveling to Tunisia to exhibit in the Finesse Gallery of Carthage.

In 1999 Kal found himself in Britain where he exhibited his work in the Centre of Britain Art Gallery. In 2000 he started to supply the La Galerie D'Art with his work and the following year exhibited in La Galerie D'Art in Bowness the Lake District of the UK.

2001 saw Kal begin a permanent exhibition in the City of Carlisle where he steadily developed his palette knife techniques and put together a set of four limited edition watercolor prints of the city, which he sold with the proceeds going to charity. Kal emigrated to Canada, where he now resides, in 2003.

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