Stanislaw Borowski

Stanislaw Borowski

The Foundation of the Glass Studio Borowski for hand-blown and handmade glass was laid by the artist Stanislaw Borowski. He became internationally well known for his unique engravings and glass sculptures. Together with his two eldest sons, Pawel and Wiktor, he founded the studio in 1990. The glass studio has been run by Pawel and Wictor Borowski since 1993.

The elaborately crafted artist' masterpieces are mostly reserved by collectors. However, to make the fascination for glass by the Borowski's more accessible to more people, the artists have launched three exceptional collections: Artist Edition, Studio Line and Outdoor Objects. These reflect the artistic inventiveness and skillful craftsmanship of the manufacture, which have been created by the artists. In several production steps each object is handmade with the utmost care by the Borowski manufacture.

The studio hopes you enjoy these imaginative works of art made from glass and metal. The colorful and weatherproof light objects, wind chimes and sculptures are reminiscent of mythical creatures in fairy tales gives their environment a special charm.

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